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Day trip about reindeer lichen restoration

On September 3rd, 2015, 50 reindeer herders and forest managers were invited to a day trip organized by Hans Winsa (Sveaskog), Urban Bergsten (SLU) and Samuel Roturier (AgroParisTech-ESE). The program included the visit of three field-experiments dealing with the restoration of reindeer lichen pastures in combination with prescribed burning. This research program was initiated in the 2000’s by Sveaskog and SLU and involves Sami herders from Sirges community to the research projects developed in the area of Jokkmokk.

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Master thesis

Sarah Cogos was funded by BRISK to do her Master thesis about Sami place names in Jokkmokk between 1 March and 31 August, 2015.

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Workshops in co-production in Jokkmokk

In June 12-19 2015, the Sami observatory in Jokkmokk organized three workshops gathering Sami reindeer herders and scholars.

The main objectives of the workshops were:

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Restitution and dialogue at Ájtte museum

After 8 years of research in collaboration with reindeer herding communities of Jokkmokk, a restitution and dialogue seminar was organised to inform reindeer herders of the results and advances made in our research. This was also a time for dialogue and questions about the use of research projects for the herders and possible applications to their activities.

Content of the conference:

- The results of the reindeer lichen restoration project started in 2006 and the applications in collaboration with the national Swedish forest company, Sveaskog.

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Sami observatory

Jokkmokk in Sweden and Kautokeino in Norway are the stronghold of Sami reindeer pastoralism. Jokkmokk, the main field site, is a case study typical of the Arctic area, with one forest and two main contradictory groups of users which have to work together, the forest industry and the Sami. A new Sami knowledge has emerged about forests which are not any more natural, but transformed environments managed by forestry.

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