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The Team: Members: Lavrillier

Alexandra Lavrillier

Social and Cultural Anthropology, Research Centre - CEARC

University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin (OVSQ, UVSQ), France

Email : alexandra.lavrillier[at]

Current situation

Associate Professor in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Research Centre - CEARC – Cultures, Environments, Arctic, Representations, Climate – (, Master 1&2 Arctic Studies, University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin (OVSQ, UVSQ), France;

Associated researcher - GSRL (Group Societies, Religions, Laïcity) – CNRS UMR 8582; Member of Research Group «Polar Mutations» (CNRS UMR 6049); Member of International Research Group «Nomadism, societies and environment in Central and Northern Asia » (NSEACS) (UMR 7130)

Projects’ coordination: - OVSQ’s Multidisciplinary Arctic Network - Environment and Societies facing global issues (with J-M Huctin); - BRISK project; - BRISK’s OBS project (Brisk’s project observatories) (2014 – 2016), Institut Polaire Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV 1127); (? necessary) President of the French-Evenk NGO Sekalan (loi 1901) founded in 2004 and director of the cooperative anthropology project « Sekalan Nomadic School » since 2005.


French, English, Russian, Evenk, Even

Scientific profile and past experience from 1994

More than 8 years of community-based fieldwork in Siberia (among Evenk, Even, Yakut and Nanaj indigenous peoples) - reindeer herder, hunter, fishermen and gatherers

Research interests: Comparative studies of nomadic hunting and reindeer herding - Landscapes management: economics of the nomads, management of landscape, microclimates and animal/vegetal resources; Representations of the natural environment - material and immaterial components of humans and animals; ritual practices (shamanism and neo-rituals/festivals); Contemporary economic and social adaptations (brought on by postsocialism, the market economy and climate change; Climate Change - economic, politic, social and religious consequences among reindeer herders, hunters and salmon fishermen.

Conception and coordination of collaborative projects with Siberian indigenous organizations and nomadic populations: 6 years successful cooperative anthropology project awarded by Rolex Award.

Conducting of scientific projects (funded in France by CNRS, IPEV, FYSSEN FOUNDATION, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (5th PCRDT ECHO ‘NECEP project’ led by M. Godelier, EN ESR, EU; in Germany by the Max Planck Institute (MPI) and Volkswagen Foundation; in Russia by the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Curriculum vitae

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Relevant Publications

2014 La mobilité des Evenks chasseurs et éleveurs de la taiga [French: The mobility of the Evenki Hunters and Herders] in C. Stepanoff, C. Ferret, G. Lacaze, J. Thorez (dir.) Nomadismes d’Asie central et septentrionale, Paris, Armand Colin, pp. 55 – 60.
2014 La flexibilité passée et présente du nomadisme toungouse [French : The Past and Current Flexibility of Tungusic Nomadism] in C. Stepanoff, C. Ferret, G. Lacaze, J. Thorez (dir.) Nomadismes d’Asie central et septentrionale, Paris, Armand Colin, pp. 61-62.
2013 Climate change among nomadic and settled Tungus of Siberia: continuity and changes in economic and ritual relationships with the natural environment, Polar Record, Vol. 49, issue 03, pp. 260-271. View abstract by clicking here
2011 Renne domestique, renne sauvage face au réchauffement [French : Domestic reindeer, Wild reindeer facing the warming], in M. Raccurt & R. Chernokian (eds), Mondes polaires. Hommes et biodiversités des défis pour la sciences, Publication INEE / Prospective polaire, édition du Cherche Midi, pp. 142-145.
2011 Creation and Persistence of Cultural Landscape among the Siberian Evenkis: two conceptions of “sacred” Space, in P. Jordan (ed.), Landscape and Culture in Northern Eurasia, Walnut Creek, California, Left Coast Press Inc., p. 215-231.
2008 Comment les Évenks de Sibérie méridionale ont modifié le rituel sur le gibier tué [French: How the Evenks of Southern Siberia modified the killed game ritual], Annales de la Fondation Fyssen , N°22, pp. 112-121.View abstract by clicking here
2005-2006 S’orienter avec les rivières chez les Évenks du Sud-Est sibérien. Un système d’orientation spatial, identitaire et rituel [French: Rivers as a spatial, social and ritual system of orientation among the Evenks of southeastern Siberia.], Études mongoles, sibériennes, centrasiatiques et tibétaines, 36-37, p. 95-138. View abstract by clicking here

Full List of Publications

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