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Workshops in co-production in Jokkmokk

Workshops in co-production in Jokkmokk, Sweden, 12-19 June 2015

In June 12-19 2015, the Sami observatory in Jokkmokk organized three workshops gathering Sami reindeer herders and scholars.

The main objectives of the workshops were:

- To discuss observations made by Sami co-researchers during winter 2014-15. Observations were collected both by writing in field diaries and through pictures and films that they made to demonstrate and share their observations.
- To check our methods and results and discuss about eventual changes for the upcoming observation season.

This workshop followed an intense year of research in Paris and Grenoble that needed to be discussed with Sami co-researcher. In order to go beyond a first level of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinarity based on Sami ecological knowledge, anthropology and ecology, Florent Dupont, a postdoc from the CNRS/UJF at the laboratoire de glaciologie et de géophysique de l’environnement, had joined the team for one year. Using remote-sensing technology, he has experimented microwave signals to track changes in the snow. The interpretation of the microwave signals was jointly discussed and debated with reindeer herders. The complexity and the variety of factors taken into account by ILK to evaluate and assess pasture conditions proved to be extremely difficult to model through western science (scientific paper in preparation). However new methodology to interpret the microwave signals from the field were discussed with Sami herders and should be operational for the coming winter.